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This category is dedicated to provide information about the Elections. People will get the information about different Assembly Elections polls and Result from Political Election Category. The details about the different State and Central Elections Opinion Polls, Voting Poll and Result will be provided under this category. Election Result of different State & Nagar Nigam will be provided in this category.

Political Election

As we all know, India is a Democratic Country. The governing bodies of Municipal Corporation, State and India are decided by people. Government is established on the bases of people votes. Person with maximum votes gets the chance to run this Country, State and Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) for 5 years. Thus this category is focused on providing the information about the Voting Polls and the Election result of various States. Under Political Election category people can check election results, opinion and voting polls of different Municipal Corporation and States.

Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 Dates, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll & Result

Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 Dates, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll & Result. State legislative assembly of Gujarat which is also known as Vidhan Sabha.  Total number of legislative Constituencies of Gujarat is 182. In last time elections the elections held in two phases. The first phase was happen on 13th December and 2nd phase was… Read More »

Himachal Pradesh Election Result 2017 Legislative Assembly

Himachal Pradesh Election Result 2017 Legislative Assembly.Himachal Pradesh Election Result 2017 out, Himachal Pradesh Election Result 2017 check the winner’s candidates name list .  As a resident of Himachal Pradesh we all know that the current Legislative Assemblies period will end on 07-01-2018. Vidhan Sabha Election has already been casted in the Himachal Pradesh. The date… Read More »