Aruna Shanbaug Full Story [Love Story] – Euthanasia Where It Starts

By | March 9, 2018

Aruna Shanbaug Full Story [Love Story] – Euthanasia Where It Starts, Aruna Shanbaug Love Story, Law On Euthanasia, Euthanasia Debate.

Today is a historical day in our country as Supreme Court of India has made the path breaking law for passive Euthanasia. The law was passed with strict guidelines. Only the person who is under incurable medical condition can take the benefit of this law. This law is being passed by saying Human Being deserved dignified death. All this started from a girl named Aruna Shanbaug. She suffered for 42 years before she passed away. One doctor named Pratap Desai fell in love with her decades ago. He spokes about her story. Aruna was raped and strangled when she was 25 years of age. Sohanlal was the rapist and he went out of prison after seven years of sentence. The Aruna Shanbaug Full Story is been mentioned in the article below.

Aruna Shanbaug Full Story

Aruna Shanbaug Full Story

Aruna Shanbaug Full Story

Dr Pratap Desai is now above 70 years of age. He practice in Dadar as physician. Dr Desai was student of KEM and he finished his MD from there. He joined hospital in year 1973. Aruna’s full name was Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug. She born in 1st June 1948 and finally died after a long suffering in 18 May 2015. Her story begins when she joined KEM in 1969 as nurse. She was a dedicated in her work and appointed in neurosurgery department which comes after years of practice. She does that in only three years and that is the reason every senior doctor prefers her on their side during complex surgeries. She never refused any call of duty even after a long day work she reported in nights whenever she is asked for it. This way the Aruna Shanbaug Full Story begins.

Dr Pratap Desai who fell in love with Aruna decades ago said he come to know about the incident with Aruna on the next day. He added he could not able to believe on his eyes when he saw her after the incident. He said she was always has a radiant smile on her face and now she was lying on bed and unable to recognise anyone. Dr Desai added that being a doctor he knew that what her condition is at that time. He said to supply the oxygen to her brain she was kept in vegetative state. Dr Desai left Kem in 1974 after completing his course but he visited for three years to see her. He said that Aruna condition was not improving and that it was very painful to see her in that state.

Aruna Shanbaug Love Story

He then get married in 1977 and he opened his own clinic but he said he read every story about Aruna. On the topic of rape in India Dr desai said that time sexual violence was at peak but nothing has changed over the decades. He added the way society handle victims have still not changed. The punishment obtained by the responsive person is still not enough. Dr Desai refused about the debate on Euthanasia. He said those people who kept her alive for so many years are the best persons to talk about it. This is Aruna Shanbaug Full Story.

Aruna Shanbaug Full Story – Euthanasia Debate

After the death of Aruna the debate arises of dying with dignity in our country. The Active Euthanasia is banned in India in which doctors give lethal injection to patient. The passive Euthanasia is now been passed by Supreme Court and in this the patient will be left on his/her own condition and the artificial treatment will be withdrawn. One author by the name Pinki Virani filled a appeal in the Supreme Court in year 1999 to end the agony of Aruna after she saw her condition. Court rejected that appeal in 2011. The decision had a strong opposition from KEM nurses who took care of Aruna for Decades. Today on 9th of march 2018 Supreme Court of India has finally break the path and made a law for Passive Euthanasia. Let us all hope that no girl gets through what Aruna Shanbaug suffers.

Law On Euthanasia 

This is all about Aruna Shanbaug Full Story or Aruna Shanbaug Love Story. In Euthanasia law doctors can help patient to end their life if they wish to die. Patient must be suffering from intractable ans unbearable pain. Assisted suicide in not in the law.

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